A downloadable Super Pilot for Windows


Super Pilot is a futuristic racing game that lets you create, edit and share your tracks in the blink of an eye.

Design your own crazy track by adding loops, twists, or making it vertical, upside-down, or whatever you'd like, using our powerful and easy-to-use track editor.

Then start a race on your own creation to compete against your friends in split-screen, or up to 50 AIs, in a high speed, high adrenaline competition. No physics simulation, no weapons - just master the boost, the drift, and the extreme speed of your ship through impossible loops and turns.

Or just play on the pre-made tracks and simply enjoy the thrill of high speed, no gravity racing!

The demo

The game is still in development and this version is an early demo to showcase the core features of the game, and put them to the test. We're looking for feedback on the editor and suggestions on how to improve its usability, as well as general impressions on the racing controls.

So, we'd like to hear from you! Either click the "Send feedback" button on the main menu, or join us for an open conversation on our subreddit. Or give us a shout on our Twitter or Facebook. Or add a comment below. :)

Current main features

  • Track editor with support for looping, twisting and rotating the track
  • Support for track distortion: width adjustment, curvature, etc
  • Boost pads!
  • Quick race and time attack modes
  • Local multiplayer up to 4 players
  • Up to 50 dumb AIs
  • One environment, 2 ships

Main features we'd like to add

  • Track sharing
  • Championship mode
  • Smarter AIs
  • Online multiplayer
  • Support for jumps, slippery surfaces, etc
  • More environments and ships


Here are the controls for the racing part of the game. The editor controls are shown on screen at all times.

  • A: accelerate
  • X: boost
  • B: brake
  • Y: change camera
  • LT/RT: lean


The game only runs on Windows for now. Mac and Linux versions are possible, and are definitely on our wishlist, but we don't want to commit to those until we can be sure we'll be able to test and support them properly.

Follow us!

Want to keep up with the latest project updates? Follow us!

Twitter: @dopagames

Facebook: SuperPilotTheGame


Super Pilot Windows Demo 0.4.1 64 bits 120 MB
Version 0.4.1 Jun 16, 2017
Super Pilot Windows Demo 0.4.1 32 bits 118 MB
Version 0.4.1 Jun 16, 2017

Development log


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Please continue development

I hope this ge is still in development, I love the fact that it can have up to 48 bots racing, absolute chaos. One thing is that the jump between normal and hard is a huge jump,, apart from that, keep it up!

very nice game keep working like that

Hola! Quería felicitarlos por el excelente trabajo que están haciendo con "Super Pilot" porque es lo más cercano que hay a F-Zero para PC. Me gustaría saber si en el juego va a estar la posibilidad de importar música (me encantaría agregarle música de F-Zero X porque amo el OST de ese juego). Y si va a haber un editor de naves (machine editor) como en F-Zero X Expansion Kit. Muchas gracias por leer mi comentario. Ya he comprado el juego vía STEAM porque confío en ustedes!!! Su juego es maravilloso y tiene todo el potencial para ser de los mejores que existen, especialmente para los amantes de los juegos Anti-Gravedad de carreras! Saludos.

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This game has great potential! I really like what I see so far in it. Great track designs, environments and overall feel.  Other than the things you have mentioned that you are working on, I do have a couple of suggestions. 1. Button Configuration for controller. 2. The option to control music and fx volumes separately.  3. The option to use our own music files for the soundtrack ingame. Keep up the good work...I will be closely watching this game!

Cool! I like the soundtrack very much.

Good game.

Is there the possibility to have an ingame ship builder as well?

Deleted 2 years ago

Not yet but you can follow our musician here: https://soundcloud.com/daoyster

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Are you making a Mac version? :)


The game only runs on Windows for now. Mac and Linux versions are possible, and are definitely on our wishlist, but we don't want to
commit to those until we can be sure we'll be able to test and support them properly.

Are you planning different cars, I would love a 80s theme

Did the project die? :(

Nop! Still working hard on it. Update soon... :)




The tracks you've created are really cool!!!


I appreciate seeing a dev that really cares about their consumers, and takes time to reply to many of their suggestions! Thank you for being so awesome!

Aww stop you're making me blush ^_^'

It's a great game, especially for a demo, hope to see the full game some day. I would recommend it for anyone who likes racing. Keep up the good work!

Thanks a lot :)

Why did you delete the random track option ? Snif, loved it.

Thanks for your feedback!

We changed the game flow a little so you could customize your race after you selected your track and not the other way around. As a result the random track option was removed from the race customization screen. We'll try to find a way to put it back somewhere!

Ho yes please ! ^^

Always a nice game to cool down.


I showed it off in a livestream (starts 32:05) and triggered a bug I'm afraid ^^

Haha this bug is fixed in version 0.4.0 :D

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nice game :)

configurable controls would be nice

Thanks! Configurable controls on the todo list!

How acctualy play ? I LOVE this gameplay style but rely the left / right arrow are crazy 

We improved the keyboard controls in version 0.4.0. The keyboard turn is much more reactive now.


wow this game is awesome. good work.

Thank you!

Pretty cool game, and the track editor is awesome. Keep up the good work.

Thanks :)

Awesome and nostalgic Fast paced game! really want to see more of this!

An online multiplayer would be so dope.

Great video! More to come soon :)

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A fast-paced racing game with tight controls, great music, and an easy-to-learn level editor? What more can a guy ask for?

Thank you!

Here's my final video until the game gets updated. If I'm going to be honest, I thought that this game wasn't going to be much. I thought it would be a simple racer with a really hard to use editor. And I couldn't have been more wrong. This is one of the best games I've ever found. Its been so fun, the editor is amazing and each race feels fun and different. I can't wait for the full release of the game. And I hope all goes well for you.

Thanks for the kind words and all the videos! Glad to read the game was a good surprise for you. There's more coming, keep an eye on the updates!

I will! ;)

I need this game in my life. Reminds me of a PlayStation 2 game I owned forever ago called HSX: HyperSonic Xtreme. It was a Majesco bargain bin game but it took F-Zero-like gameplay and added a fully featured track editor where you could do a lot of crazy stuff. This feels like that, only better with things like tubes and pipes.

You've got a new fan. Keep up the great work!

Happy to get a new fan! And thanks for the reference, I didn't know this game - looks fun! ;) I gotta try and find it.

Hey I loved the demo it was great fun! I really enjoyed the stage builder.

I made a little showcase video which I'll upload on the 26th of april. Don't have many subscribers or views, but just wanted to let you know :)

This is my channel:


Here's my second video on this game. I still had so much fun but I did also learn that I'm not ready for the hard difficulty. I've got my third and last (until the game gets updated) video coming up soon. Hope you enjoy!

I'm so sorry about the spam of about 8 comments saying the same thing. I tried to post one and it said that the servers where down and I should try again later. So I kept trying and it said the same thing. I checked later on to try again and saw that It had posted the same comment like 8 times. I didn't mean to do it, my phone was just being a dick!



I know, right?

plays awesome. whats the chance you could make it compatible with a vr headset?

Thanks! We would LOVE to do a VR version, but we'll have to secure more resources before committing to it. It's high up on our wishlist though!

Me parecio increible tu juego espero que sigas asi y que lo termines uncreible este juego lo recomendare

Muchas gracias

Great game and all, but I beat the hard bot on my first time playing easily..... maybe make it a bit harder?

Video or didnt happen!

You should not change the hard difficulty, but definitly should add a harder difficulty. This game is fairly enjoyable, and allows to play with friends already, so I dunno if it's really useful. Plus, with the editor, the player always have to adapt.

Keep the speed hot ^^


No Mac Version, please Mac Version

Why use a mac?

They are planning to add a mac, a linux and a RV version. The game is not finished yet.

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I've just uploaded a video on this game and I must say, IT'S AWESOME! It honestly feels like something a AAA developer would make. I had so much fun so I've recorded a second video and that will be uploaded on the 20th of April. I only had one problem and thats that I got stuck because I drove into a wall and I couldn't reverse or respawn. So I'd suggest for you to add a respawn button. But it still doesn't change the fact that this is an amazing game. And sorry that I said the game is on GameJolt, I've put it in the description that it's on itch.io in bold with a link. Keep up the great work!

Sorry that my voice is really quiet, It's been fixed for the next video

Thanks, this is a great video! Glad you had fun with the game.

And thanks for the suggestion, a respawn button is actually a great idea! (though we'll also have to investigate why you got stuck in the first place ;))

Thanks for replying, I can't wait for the next video (and maybe a third ;))

This game is awesome! It's fun to play, I had myself som good laughs playing. Love the fact that you can tilt the ship to make sharp corners.
I hope you make it so that the usermade levels can be shared :D
Plus the artstyle looks so good!

Thanks Myroscope! Great video!

Tracks sharing is planned, stay tuned!

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