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Me parecio increible tu juego espero que sigas asi y que lo termines uncreible este juego lo recomendare

Muchas gracias

Great game and all, but I beat the hard bot on my first time playing easily..... maybe make it a bit harder?

Video or didnt happen!

You should not change the hard difficulty, but definitly should add a harder difficulty. This game is fairly enjoyable, and allows to play with friends already, so I dunno if it's really useful. Plus, with the editor, the player always have to adapt.

Keep the speed hot ^^


No Mac Version, please Mac Version

Why use a mac?

They are planning to add a mac, a linux and a RV version. The game is not finished yet.

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I've just uploaded a video on this game and I must say, IT'S AWESOME! It honestly feels like something a AAA developer would make. I had so much fun so I've recorded a second video and that will be uploaded on the 20th of April. I only had one problem and thats that I got stuck because I drove into a wall and I couldn't reverse or respawn. So I'd suggest for you to add a respawn button. But it still doesn't change the fact that this is an amazing game. And sorry that I said the game is on GameJolt, I've put it in the description that it's on in bold with a link. Keep up the great work!

Sorry that my voice is really quiet, It's been fixed for the next video

Thanks, this is a great video! Glad you had fun with the game.

And thanks for the suggestion, a respawn button is actually a great idea! (though we'll also have to investigate why you got stuck in the first place ;))

Thanks for replying, I can't wait for the next video (and maybe a third ;))

This game is awesome! It's fun to play, I had myself som good laughs playing. Love the fact that you can tilt the ship to make sharp corners.
I hope you make it so that the usermade levels can be shared :D
Plus the artstyle looks so good!

Thanks Myroscope! Great video!

Tracks sharing is planned, stay tuned!

this game looks cool

Thanks for the compliment!

cool :)

you are cool :)

I like this ! F-zero style racer. I could use some brakes though lol. May you make the crash physics more DRAMATIC. Some special weapons would make it more interesting, like Mario Kart. Looking forward to updates bro

Wow you made the grooviest video of the game so far haha I love it!

To answer your points:

1/ Brakes are for the weak (kidding - you can brake actually but we need to fine-tune it)

2/ Crash physics more DRAMATIC => will do!

3/ Special weapons => we may add more abilities (like the boost) in the future, we'll see!


Overall a great game. Though it is quite confusing, so it would be awesome if you made the ships a bit larger, maybe the slightest bit slower gameplay. The corners are however very confusing and it is really hard to know when exactly you're meant to turn, so with that there are certainly improvements in the controls to be made. Maybe in the future, a larger variety of tracks and give the tracks themes? Make the turns smoother and less confusing, maybe you could add modes?

We are still looking for the right balance between ship size and track width. It has a huge impact on the corners visibility and the overall sense of speed. Definitely something we have to work on!

There will be tons of new tracks when players will be able to upload and share their own tracks directly in the game! Stay tuned...

Regarding new track themes and game modes, this is also on our todo list but will have to wait a bit more since we are just a team of 2 for now.

Anyway, thanks for the great feedback!

Great fun! I love a good intense racer and this does it really well. I found it too easy, but I'm sure that's something that can be easily fixed.

Thank you!

The next big update will have leaderboards = much more challenge for you!

I love this game in concept. However I feel the contols need a bit of work. the leaning is ok but it would be nice to have something like drifting or like a slight break. I've tried to make racing games before so I know it's tough to get the feel right. I look forward to playing this after more updates.

You nailed it, it's tough!

Adding a slight break while drifting sounds like a good idea, I'll try :)

Thanks for your feedback!


WELL SAID! Happy you like it =)

This game was so much fun, can't wait to mess around with the level editor and other settings!

Great video! Thanks for your support!

sucks how we can't play on mac


Patiently waiting for a Linux release.


Will this game get multiplayer so you can play with people around the world

Good question, we'll let everyone know as soon as we get the answer =)

:( No mac build, so sad.

Sorry to make you sad :(

I can download it at home, sorry I forgot about this.

the game runs on linux very well,

i use POL and a 64bit prefix and the 64bit demo with wine 2.0 staging.

the 32bit demo didnt start

Thanks for the feedback

I hope we get a drm free version of the final release!

Deleted 3 years ago

i have the same problem D:

This game is awesome, love it so far. Please keep it up; some polish and content, and this is an easy buy at 10$

Thanks for your support!

Loved the demo. Controls were really responsive, and I like that there are almost limitless possibilities for custom tracks. I also like the fact that you can have up to 50 ai opponents! Music was great as well.

You should try the in-game editor! It's really impressive how simple it is, considering the complexity a track could be.

do Online It Will Be A Great Update And This Is The Base Racing Game That I Played

We can't promise but we'll try!

So just wondering but will it be available for Mac anytime soon? If not that's fine, was just wondering.

Several people have asked this question, so I just added a few lines about it in the description. See the "platforms" paragraph at the end. :) Basically we'd like to make a Mac version, but don't want to make any promise before we're sure we can support it.

ahh okay thank you, I'll make sure to keep up with the game ans the progress.

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da pra Jogar online por Servidor ?? com amigos?

No online multiplayer yet :)

how do u join someone? without a controler

You can only play offline for now.

You can play with 4 controlers or 1 keyboard + 3 controlers.

In the "SELECT SHIP" screen, pressing any button or any key on any connected controler will add it to the game.


The soundtrack is AMAZING! Who made it? :)

Great video! Music from daOyster:

Can you make a mac version of this. Thanks

could you please make a 32 bit version?
i really want to play this game but i can't because i don't have a 64 bit computer.

We just uploaded a new version. We made a 32bits version this time. Enjoy!

awesome, thanks a heap!

INDIE F-ZERO? More like Super Dope.


AMAZING. ABSOLUTELY AMAZING. Can't wait for the full release! :))

Thank you!

Keyboard controls? I ran into a bug where I was off track.

Thanks for your feedback!

Press Enter in the ship selection screen to assign the keyboard to a player. This is only available in Race mode though. If you start a race from the track editor, you need a gamepad to play. This is a bug we will fix it asap.

By any chance do you have a screenshot of the "off track bug"?


Will it ever have linux support?

That's one of the things we'd really like to add, but we need to make sure we're able to properly test and support a Linux version before committing to it. It's definitely on our wish list though!

I was expecting too use backspace to delete a track segment and the mouse wheel to raise / lower the track; also right mouse button to cam rotate.

With regards to gameplay I think the track editor should encourage making fun to play tracks rather than any tracks so if you have figured out what makes a track flow or fun then make it easy to create such tracks (smoothing option comes to mind to take out the sharper turns).

Looks really great and reminds me of Stunts from back in the day where I spent hours swapping tracks on floppies!

Thanks for the great feedback, glad you like the game! And I had not heard about Stunts before, looks pretty cool! It has to be the first track editor ever made - so kind of our heritage, thanks for pointing it out. ;)

Good point about the editor - we're still looking for the right balance between total freedom and making sure it's easy to create something that's fun to play.

dope game.

Dope video! We invite you to try the new demo we added boosts and tubes and pipes and lots of cool things!

Hi there! I run a website/forum for arcade racing games called Rolling Start at , would you be interested in coming over to talk about your game a bit?

Yes sure, we would be glad to do it! Thanks!

It's a fun game, it's headed in the right direction.

The handling doesn't feel right, it doesn't have drift so it's hard to get the feeling of how to take the curves, it feels like you might have too much control for the speed you have and it ends up causing you to crash a lot because it turns more than expected. Maybe I'm too used to mario kart, but that's a game that feels great.

Then I found a bug, I made a track where all the COMs end up stuck in one place, here's a screencap We were on the second lap when we found them.


Thanks for you feedback, this is very helpful! We're still iterating on the handling, and are also planning on adding more vehicles with different handling settings, including some with more drifting - one of them may suit your style better. :)

As for the bug, I've never seen that! Is there any chance you saved your track and could send it to us? You should find the file in your User folder, then "Appdata/LocalLow/Dopagames/Super Pilot". Otherwise we'll just try and replicate the turn from your screenshot.

I can't right now, but I'll send you the track tomorrow.

Hey, any chance you could send us that track? :)

Here's the track Sorry for the delay.

Great, thanks a lot! That'll be a big help for debugging.

Hi guys,
Had a really fun time playing this, even if I did feel a bit motion sick from the speed!

Really glad to hear you had fun!

And thanks for the video! Watching you play is actually great feedback for us. :)

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