Demo update v0.4.0

Hi everyone,

We've updated the demo with a bunch of new features and fixes! 

As part of this update, we're very happy to be rolling out the first of our live features with leaderboards and downloadable ghost for the time attack mode! We also added support for live tracks, which means we'll be able to add some downloadable tracks whenever we have some new ones ready.  Nothing too fancy but it should be a great first test for our upcoming sharing features.

Here are the main changes (as always, the build includes some release notes for the full list):

  • Leaderboards and downloadable ghosts for time attack
  • Downloadable tracks support
  • Improved ships physics and collisions
  • Full undo/redo in the editor
  • New music and sound FX
  • New tracks

As usual, we welcome your feedback. Feel free to use the "send feedback" button extensively (now in the options menu). 

We hope you enjoy this update!

The dopagames team


Super Pilot Windows Demo 0.4.1 64 bits 120 MB
Version 0.4.0 Jun 13, 2017
Super Pilot Windows Demo 0.4.1 32 bits 118 MB
Version 0.4.0 Jun 13, 2017

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