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you know this reminds me of my mod f zero game i make with the f zero track builder. and this...This is AMAZING able to build tracks with ease no hassles no going through different windows to alter the track, a simple pick up and go!!! Please....PLEASE Make this game a reality so gamers that want build tracks and race against friends with the tracks they made will be awesome!!!

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Outside Xtra just recommended Super Pilot for people who want an experience similar to F-Zero.



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Think I'm gonna grab this once it hits Linux. I've played all too much of that other game about Hovercars Wot Go Real Fost and I'm more than willing to help get it as close to authentic as possible.

do not abandon it please see that it is a promising game

Looks promising!

Really cool bro


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it's a good game, there's only one thing i miss in the configurartion is something for ajust sensitivity with the steering


The game is pretty good so far, but the steering is just awful. It's all or nothing with the steering, you should make it less sharp and more easily controlled. If you were to fix the steering and add more ships, I'd definitely pay money for this!

ещё не проверял но выглядит круто

would play but I'm waiting for online multiplayer, looks good though!


Game: Has level editor


what can i say its a nice game i really want to see a proper multiplayer instead of only local multiplayer tho



how do i play i dont see nothing that says play

I have an inverted intel graphics card will this lag?

idk the rest of my specs

Your game has been very good.

How is dev going?


Nice demo. The game looks and feels good.


So you advertise the game here but wont even sell it drm free here? Hate devs like that.


Please continue development

very nice game keep working like that

Hola! Quería felicitarlos por el excelente trabajo que están haciendo con "Super Pilot" porque es lo más cercano que hay a F-Zero para PC. Me gustaría saber si en el juego va a estar la posibilidad de importar música (me encantaría agregarle música de F-Zero X porque amo el OST de ese juego). Y si va a haber un editor de naves (machine editor) como en F-Zero X Expansion Kit. Muchas gracias por leer mi comentario. Ya he comprado el juego vía STEAM porque confío en ustedes!!! Su juego es maravilloso y tiene todo el potencial para ser de los mejores que existen, especialmente para los amantes de los juegos Anti-Gravedad de carreras! Saludos.

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This game has great potential! I really like what I see so far in it. Great track designs, environments and overall feel.  Other than the things you have mentioned that you are working on, I do have a couple of suggestions. 1. Button Configuration for controller. 2. The option to control music and fx volumes separately.  3. The option to use our own music files for the soundtrack ingame. Keep up the good work...I will be closely watching this game!

Cool! I like the soundtrack very much.

Good game.

Is there the possibility to have an ingame ship builder as well?

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Not yet but you can follow our musician here:

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Are you making a Mac version? :)


The game only runs on Windows for now. Mac and Linux versions are possible, and are definitely on our wishlist, but we don't want to
commit to those until we can be sure we'll be able to test and support them properly.

Are you planning different cars, I would love a 80s theme

Did the project die? :(

Nop! Still working hard on it. Update soon... :)




The tracks you've created are really cool!!!


I appreciate seeing a dev that really cares about their consumers, and takes time to reply to many of their suggestions! Thank you for being so awesome!

Aww stop you're making me blush ^_^'

It's a great game, especially for a demo, hope to see the full game some day. I would recommend it for anyone who likes racing. Keep up the good work!

Thanks a lot :)

Why did you delete the random track option ? Snif, loved it.

Thanks for your feedback!

We changed the game flow a little so you could customize your race after you selected your track and not the other way around. As a result the random track option was removed from the race customization screen. We'll try to find a way to put it back somewhere!

Ho yes please ! ^^

Always a nice game to cool down.


I showed it off in a livestream (starts 32:05) and triggered a bug I'm afraid ^^

Haha this bug is fixed in version 0.4.0 :D

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nice game :)

configurable controls would be nice

Thanks! Configurable controls on the todo list!

How acctualy play ? I LOVE this gameplay style but rely the left / right arrow are crazy 

We improved the keyboard controls in version 0.4.0. The keyboard turn is much more reactive now.


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